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Tree lopping gold coast is often referred to as an antiquated way of pruning a tree. There are many tree service providers who are simply referred to as Tree Loppers – but most of the time they provide a much more comprehensive service than just that of tree lopping.

As experts in our field here on the Gold Coast we strive to provide an extensive range of tree pruning and tree removal services.

As tree lopping is a specialised service, it is paramount for your safety and those surrounding you that you call in professionals to take care of the job in a safe and effective manner.  We provide this service to you once we have done a consultation and assessed the job that will need to be undertaken.

On the Gold Coast big glorious trees are extremely common, and it is for this reason that we at All Tree Removal Services provide the tree lopping service.

Why would you need tree lopping?

There are numerous reasons why you may wish to have tree lopping done. See below for some of these

  • Opening up the view – sometimes trees can grow really wild and they block out a lot of sunlight from an area where you may want more sun. You would then have the tops of the trees removed and chopped back
  • Tree health – if the tree is completely overgrown it can sometimes stunt growth and also cause tree rot. Tree lopping helps this to be avoided because when you remove the tops of the trees, you are allowing space for new growth and also allowing the sun to actually do its job
  • Longevity of the tree – lopping shapes and retrains the growth of the tree. By removing dead and damaged branches and leaves it allows for fresh new growth to take place
  • Aesthetic purposes – much like pruning, the tree lopping service can make your trees look better and more appealing within your garden setting.
  • Safety – Overhanging branches of a tree can be very dangerous is left unattended for an extended period of time. They are extremely dangerous when it comes to storms as they tend to be the first to break off and can cause extreme damage. Tree lopping will take care of any overhanging, loose and dangerous looking branches you may have on your trees.

Tree Lopping Professional Services

Gold Coast Tree Lopping

If you are wanting to make some changes to the trees in your space, the first point of call would be to get in touch with one of our specialists. They will come out and do an assessment and give you a recommendation from there.

Ideally you should not attempt to get up there yourself and start chopping away. We are Gold Coast Tree Loppers.

This is our field of expertise and we here at All about Tree Services are ready to help you take care of your special spaces and the glorious trees which inhabit them.


Our Most frequently asked questions and their answers.
Tree Lopper Gold Coast

Tree pruning is the other way you can keep your trees in check and keep them growing healthy and strong.

Tree pruning is probably more about the health of the tree than anything else and should also be carried out by a professional arborist or tree lopping/pruning specialist.

Gold Coast Tree Lopping. Yes it is and this may be a service needed when a tree is getting too large for the area that it is in. Having a tree that is too large for the space it occupies can lead to many other problems down the road.

Tree lopping and/or pruning of your trees should be something that is done on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the trees health is maintained and that you do not end up with having an overgrowth that cannot be dealt with.

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