Storm Damage & Bushfire Prevention

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All About Trees Services can help with minimizing and the prevention of Storm Damage and the threat bushfires of your property.

Overgrown bushes can be life threatening. Keep yourself and your community safe by preventing the spread of fire.

Remove deadwood and lower hanging branches helps reduce fire hazard and interfering with electric lines. 

Removal of shrubs, weeds, bush removals, branch removals, wood chipping, stump removals and removal of waste.

Weed removal should be routine maintenance for any property, in particular during the fire months – April through October

Here in Queensland it is very important to minimizing the risk of falling trees damaging not only your lives but your homes during our storm season. Taking action now by dead wooding and pruning trees is one way that can help. Also assessing trees close to your home to evaluate and eliminate the protentional danger that they may pose during a storm is were All About Tree Services can help you.

In the event of a storm which can strike at any time strong winds can cause trees to fall or uproot causing damage to your property. You can contact All About Tree Services at any time to come and make safe your property.

Reducing the vegetation around your home is an important part of protecting your property from bush fire. Pruning branches overhanging your roof and or buildings. Clearing land or a fire break can help with your bush fire prevention plan.

Cost effective Storm Damage & Bushire Prevention


Our Most frequently asked questions and their answers

Living in rural or regional area you may not need a permit to remove trees. Chat to our experts about your unique circumstances and they will advise you might or might not need. 

There are many factors that can put you at risk, such as paddocks, grass patches that haven’t been maintained, too close to dense bush, near coastal scrubs. Chat to our team for further clearance on your risk level.

Bushfires are affected by the type of terrain, vegetation (fuel), weather conditions, wind, and temperature.

Grass burns very quickly on hot, dry, windy days. Branches, twigs and leaves are all used as fine fuels that can be carried in winds making spread rapid. 

Ensure that you have kept your land free from hazards, in particular trees that can fall down during storms and do damage to electrical lines, buildings, vehicles and people. 

storm damage
storm damage
storm damage
storm damage