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Mulch is an integral part of the tree industry. Trees are important but sometimes they need to be removed and it up to us to make sure that when a tree is removed that we do our upmost to recycle and reuse these trees.

Leaving your exposed stumps can attract termites which as we all know is a concern, so to reduce the risk of termite’s stump grinding is a must.

It is a simple uncomplicated product. Improves the structure and aeration of heavy soils. 

Leafy mulch breaks down quickly and adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil. 

Compost is fine grade organic blend sourced from tree and plant waste. 

All About Tree Services can provide you with a range of mulch from Premium mulch with pure eucalyptus tree, forest mulch which is a mix of variety of trees to palm mulch.

The benefits of mulch range from preventing compaction of soil, regulating soil temperature, retaining soil moisture, which is important in the summer months, reducing frost and cold to the roots in the winter months, and weed control all year round.

Our organic mulch contributes to soil health in poor fertilized soil. It has the ability to break down over time putting nurturance back into the soil.

Palm mulch is excellent for slopping banks as it is fibrous, strong and durable thus doesn’t wash or blow away easily helping it retain the bank.

Most of all mulch will have your gardens looking great in no time.

You can call All About Tree Services any time to discuss your mulching requirements.

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Our Most frequently asked questions and their answers

Mulch is very much a personal preference, so it all comes down to what you would like for your garden. 

Mulch lifespan varies in lifespan from 12 months to  years based on 100mm depth of mulch.

Cypress Pine Woodchip is thought to be a termite repellent, however no on can guarantee that termites will not be found. 

No, it is not toxic to people, animals or plants. 

Yes there are 3 main types of mulch: feeding, woody and permanent.

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