Palm Tree Removal Gold Coast

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Palm Tree Removal Gold Coast

It is difficult to think about removing a palm tree from your property – or from anywhere really. Their aesthetic appeal is something you do not find often.

So what would be a cause for you to want to call in a professional to remove such a beauty of nature?

The main reasons you would call in a Gold Coast tree service who specialises in palm tree removal could be any of the following:

The tree is dead, damaged, infested or dying

  • Palm nuts are creating a mess and causing headaches
  • Roots are damaging or threatening your properties, structures, fences, pools, paving, power lines or paths
  • It’s spoiling the aesthetic look of your property
  • It’s blocking a development or renovation or just in the wrong place
  • It’s creating a risk for storm season or has been damaged.

All About Trees Services Gold Coast can assist you with your palm tree removal needs no matter what the reason may be. We can do the removal in a safe and effective manner as and when you need it.


A good way to ensure you do not end up having to get the beautiful palm tree removed is to consider having regular pruning done by someone with the expertise to maintain the aesthetic while also taking the health of the tree into consideration.

At All About Tree Services we have highly qualified and trained specialists who know their way around trees on the Gold Coast, you will not go wrong when setting up an obligation-free consultation with one of our arborists.

Important to note that palm trees can also have infections which can prove to be contagious and this will in turn hurt the foliage surrounding them.

Palm Tree Removal Gold Coast

Gold Coast Palm Tree Removal

All About Trees Services Gold Coast can help with much more than just palm tree removal. Specialising in all things trees and shrubbery, you can be sure that when you get in touch with one of our team members you will be getting the best most professional advice available.

Are you ready to get a specialist in to take a look at your majestic palm tree? You can get in touch with us here.


Our Most frequently asked questions and their answers


As mentioned, an arborist is a trained professional who knows exactly how to deal with a potential hazardous situation when it comes to all trees, including the palm tree.

An specialist can also assist in properly analyzing things and giving the best advice and ultimate outcome when it comes to whether the palm tree only needs pruning or actually needs complete removal.

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