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Here at All About Tree Services we have the ability to satisfy your land clearing need. Any job is easy with our professional equipment. Properly clearing land of trees and foliage as you please. With our specialised knowledge there is no job that is a worry.

We service any area on the Gold Coast. Whether it be commercial or residential we’ve got your land clearing needs covered.

Have large sections of land to clear? Wanting to clear a property. Big or small we do it all.

Every job is carried out according to local council regulations. Ensuring a professional job every time and protecting the region.

As usual at All About Tree Services we believe in the importance of protecting the nature and the environment. We always carry out every job with care to reduce the environmental impact on the zone.

Why would I need land clearing?

As a homeowner you may be wanting to put in a new pool to relax in. Or wanting to build a new garden shed to the yard to tidy things up. All About Tree Services will clear the land needed to add new infrastructures to your property.

Wanting to construct an extension to your house but have trees in the way. Wanting some more open space on your property. Well land clearing is what you need.

Protect your property. It is very important to protect your property from the severe damages of fires. Bush fires spread with force through connected tree growth. All About Tree Service will protect you by clearing land to create a fire break helping stop fires in their tracks.

Gold Coast Land Clearing Professionals


Our Most frequently asked questions and their answers

Land clearing is the removal of trees and other plants, stumps or obstacles to create space for various farming operations or construction.

All land clearing is performed in accordance with regulations and standards set by the city council.

We take the environment very seriously so there is no burning, little to no soil disturbance and no bulldozer noises. 

Plants that we have cleared will be turned into mulch an a thin layer of mulched material is left behind. Mulch acts as an erosion barrier.

Pricing is determined by what needs to be removed, location, access and size of land. Chat to our team for an obligation free quotation. 

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Palm tree removal in Gold Coast and Elanora, Queensland
Palm tree removal in Gold Coast
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