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Stump Removal Gold Coast

Do you have a beautifully landscaped garden but there is an unsightly tree stump hanging around? Maybe it is time to call in a tree specialist.

All About Tree Services on the Gold Coast have specially trained team members who know their way around your garden, and they will definitely know what to do to get things sorted – chop, chop!

It is important to know that you can opt for tree stump removal or tree stump grinding. But what does it all mean?

What is the difference between tree stump removal and tree stump grinding exactly?

Well, with stump removal, it means exactly that. Our team of trained professionals will come in and completely remove the tree stump – roots and all. This is a far bigger process but gets the job done once and for all. With grinding, they will grind the stump down into wood chips (which you can use at a later stage to make mulch for your flower beds or even just as something decorative within your garden).

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that the best job will be done by All About Trees Services.

What are the pros and cons of both methods of removal?

Tree stump removal


  • The process removes the entire stump, roots and all which means no chance of regrowth.
  • The entire removal means that no diseased or rotting wood is left behind


  • Very long and intensive process, and likely to leave a lot of mess in its wake

Tree stump grinding


  • Less intensive process and quicker
  • Wood chips to use at a later stage within your garden


  • The fact that the entire stump is not removed in stump grinding means that there is a chance that roots are left behind which can cause damage to your property
  • Rotting wood can be left behind which carries disease as well as pests that you do not want wondering around your garden

Gold Coast Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal Gold Coast

Whatever you decide to do with a tree stump in your garden, please make sure you contact a specialist as it can be fairly dangerous to tackle on your own.

A specialist can also determine whether any further services would be necessary, such as treating the grass and foliage that surrounds the stump at present (this would only be if there is a presence of termites and other pests which cause harm).

If you are not 100% certain of how to proceed, you can always get in touch with our team members and get a FREE no obligation consultation and quotation.


Our Most frequently asked questions and their answers

When should I consider removing a tree stump and why?

The simple answer is that any time the stump is about 3cm’s or higher you should consider having it removed. The reason is because this can be a major hazard especially if it is somewhat concealed and also when there are little ones about.

As tree stump removal specialists on the Gold Coast, we will most likely always recommend complete stump removal, and this is just to save you the hassle of possibly needing to call us in again later on down the line because the stump is causing problems with uncontrollable roots and so forth.

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