The importance of removing invasive trees from gold coast properties

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Australia possesses one of the most fascinating and unique ecosystems in the world, but the unique nature of Australian flora and fauna can be something of a double-edged sword. The isolation that creates such unusual wildlife also leaves it highly vulnerable to invasive species.

The world of trees is no different. Many invasive species of tree, introduced accidentally or by well-meaning gardeners, now grow on commercial and residential land across wide areas of the Gold Coast, and they can cause severe damage to the health of native trees if allowed to grow unchecked.

Why Should Invasive Trees Be Removed From My Land?
You may be wondering why a few foreign trees growing on your land is such a big deal, but if left untended, invasive trees can badly disrupt the proper growth and management of wildlife on your property.

Native plants on your land can be quickly overwhelmed because they have not adapted to competing with the invasive tree and can quickly become starved of water and nutrients. Land that harbours certain species of invasive tree can see extensive die-back of local flora, an unsightly problem that can lower land values and damage aesthetic appeal.

However, invasive trees aren’t merely a problem for the environmentally conscious. The Australian government has spent decades and millions of dollars trying to eradicate all dangerous, invasive trees species from Australian soil, so the species that have survived this culling tend to be particularly hardy.

Many invasive tree species have undesirable features, such as frequent suckering or strong, penetrating root systems, that make the tree more difficult to remove and can cause damage to buildings and other developments on your land.

How Should I Go About Having Invasive Tree Species Removed?
If you have identified one or more species of invasive tree growing on your land, you may be tempted to tackle them yourself, particularly if you are dealing with small, young trees. However, there are several very good reasons to call in a professional tree felling service .

Professional Identification
Professional tree surgeons and arborists are capable of identifying a truly invasive species with certainty, making sure benign native trees with a close resemblance to invasive species are not removed. This is particularly useful when dealing with stands of mixed trees, allowing you to avoid bulldozing groups of trees.

Professional Safety
Some invasive species, such as the spiky honey locust or the towering lombardy poplar, can be difficult and dangerous to fell without posing a severe risk to people and structures in their close proximity. Professional tree fellers use tried-and-tested felling techniques, such as directed felling and preliminary pruning, to minimise any and all hazards present during the felling process.

Professional Efficiency
Tree felling services can work much more quickly to remove trees than your average DIYer, removing undesirable invasive trees fast and freeing up your land for development or landscaping purposes as quickly as possible.

Professional Thoroughness
Having your trees felled professionally will also ensure that every last trace of an unwanted tree is removed from your land, including extensive root systems.

This level of thoroughness is more important than you might think, as some invasive trees, such as the notorious tree of heaven, can sprout new trees if even the smallest shred of root or stump tissue is left behind. Professional equipment and know-how is required to ensure they simply don’t grow back after removal.

Professional Site Clearing
Using a professional tree felling service also ensures that your land is left clear and ready to use once the interloping trees have been removed. Many professional tree services offer stump grinding for removing large, unsightly stumps from your land and will ensure that any other damage dealt to your land, such as tyre tracks and holes left behind by removed stumps, are repaired.

Needless to say, there are many good reasons to have invasive trees removed from your land as quickly as possible, and even more reason to have it done quickly and professionally by All About Tree Services. However, if you have any more questions or concerns about dealing with invasive tree species, do not hesitate to contact us .

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