5 Creative ways to use leftover wood after your tree removal

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If you’ve just had a tree removed from your property, you’re probably wondering what to with all the leftover wood. Should you ask the tree removal company to take care of it for you? Leave it to become home to wildlife? Burn it? There are loads of creative ways to use the wood from your tree removal, from turning it into homemade wood chip to creating your own log bench or planter.
Want some inspiration? Read on for five ideas on what to do with the wood left over from felled trees.

1. Create Woodchip for Your Garden
Have you ever bought woodchip mulch to use around your garden? Now you can make your own. You’ll need to rent or purchase a wood chipper that fits the size of the limbs you want to turn into woodchip. You’ll then feed the limbs carefully into the machine, and be left with lots of homemade woodchip — simple.
Woodchip can be used as a decorative floor covering, to create paths around your garden, or as a fertilizer for your soil. For scented, aromatic woodchip, mix cedar chips in during the chipping process.

2. Make a Log Flower Planter
Want to repurpose your old tree in a way that looks natural and matches the rest of your garden? Creating a log flower planter is perfect. You’ll need to choose an appropriately sized log for your space.
Strip the bark off the outside, then partially hollow out the inside, creating space for your plants. Fill the hollow with compost, and plant plenty of flowers. Voila! A pretty garden planter that looks great and didn’t cost you anything.

3. Create an Upcycled Log Bench
This project is ideal for larger logs since you’ll want a surface that’s wide enough to sit comfortably on. You’ll need two log flats, one for the seat and one for the back of the chair, and four solid logs to create legs on either side.

Nail two logs together on each side to create the legs, then use the chainsaw to cut a half-moon shape for the seat. Rest the seat in place and nail firmly to the logs below. Use two wooden supports on either side to fix the back of the bench into place. Finally, stain the bench according to your taste.
This is a lovely way to preserve a tree that you were attached to but had to cut down.

4. Use Branches as Novelty Hooks
Want a simple way to use part of your tree indoors? Pick branches that have plenty of extruding twigs that items can hook onto, cut them to equal lengths and sandwich them between two flat lengths of wood.
Affix to the wall using nails for an awesome set of rustic hooks, perfect for coats, hats, keys, or even garden tools. Be sure to use branches that are sturdy enough to hold heavy items without snapping.

5. Drill a Log Birdhouse
Do you love bird watching? Are you up every morning to feed the local wildlife? You can create a sweet, natural home for your feathered friends using a leftover log from your tree removal.

Stand a log upright, hollow out the inside, create a small hole at the front for birds to fly in and out of, then attach a floor and roof using flat pieces of wood and nails. Affix to a wall or tree, and you’ll soon see birds popping in and out. If you have lots of logs, you could even make several birdhouses of different sizes.

Have you just had a tree removed? While most tree removal companies will happily take care of the waste for you, be sure to save a few logs to try out these fun projects.

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