3 Native gold coast trees and how to maintain them

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No one who lives there would dispute that Queensland — especially Gold Coast — is one of the most beautiful areas on earth to live. With its sweeping beaches, gorgeous rainforests and beautifully warm weather, the environment and climate are nearly impossible to beat.

But Queensland can’t flourish without your help. Like many areas of Australia, parts of Queensland are overrun by invasive, non-native trees, flowers and weeds. Invasive trees keep native plants from growing and don’t provide a helpful habitat for native animals. Compared to hardier native trees, non-native trees tend not to be as storm- and fire-resistant, which makes them hazardous for much of the year.

Whether you own a business or a home, consider planting the native trees below to give Queensland’s beauty a boost. Then, make sure to follow the tips listed to keep your native plants in good shape so they can blossom, bloom and grow for years.

1. Acacia (Wattle)
Most types of acacia (also known as wattle) are native to Australia. Depending on their height, they can look like either small trees or shrubs. You’ll find different types of acacia across Australia, but the types particularly suited to coastal, tropical Gold Coast include:

Acacia bancroftii, which does well in most types of soil and requires full sunlight
Acacia buxifolia, or box-leaf wattle, which tolerates cold as well as hot temperatures
Acacia holosericea, which grows quickly and produces beautiful rod-shaped blooms

No matter what species of acacia you choose, the tree or shrub is hardy enough to endure in severe heat and frost. It requires full sunlight, grows quickly and thrives on minimal water.

2. Palms
Several types of palm trees are native to Queensland, including:

Bangalow palms, which grow quickly and can reach up to 25 metres
Cabbage tree palms, which have fan-like leaves and white blossoms
Walking stick palms, which are smaller than bangalow and cabbage tree palms and have deep green leaves
Palm trees are perfect for tropical, coastal homes, but they do require seasonal maintenance from an arborist to look their best — each season, palm trees lose leaves and need pruning to both look their best and stay healthy.

3. Native Frangipani
In spite of its common name, the native frangipani isn’t related to other frangipani trees, which are also known as plumeria. Instead, the native frangipani is a rainforest tree that produces beautiful white and yellow blooms in the spring and dark green leaves year round. This type of tree is easy to cultivate, and even though it reaches 20 metres or more in the wild, you can keep it to a manageable 8 metres if you grow it at home.

How to Take Care of Native Trees
Now that you have an idea of which native trees to plant, you need to know how to take care of them. Follow these tips to start.

Choose Your Trees Wisely
A healthy tree starts with a healthy seed or clipping. Visit a trusted, local gardening company that can recommend the right tree for your garden. If the employees at the nursery you visit can’t give you clear details about how to plant and raise your native tree, look elsewhere.

Alternatively, if you want affordable native plants and expert advice on how to care for them, just talk to the city. At certain times during the year, Gold Coast gives away free trees to homeowners who can care for them. Check the city’s event page frequently to find out when free trees are available.

Find an Arborist You Love
Choosing the right arborist is the key to a healthy tree. It’s important to choose wisely, as you’ll rely on your arborist to prune your trees, remove dead leaves, provide solutions if trees get sick and offer you tips on sustaining your trees’ growth for years and even decades.

Ready to Plant or Need to Prune? Get in Touch
All About Tree Services offers comprehensive tree care for Gold Coast homes. Whether you’re pruning a native tree or need a stump removal, we’re here to help . Get in touch today.

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